Summary: SAGE Publications, 2003 -
309 pages
Language - English
This book examines the many facets
of communalism and its growing
threat to Indian society.
Author: Ram Puniyani
Summary: National biography
A comprehensive biography of the one of the tallest leaders of modern India, translated into English by Asha Damle.
Translated by Asha Damle
Publisher National Book Trust, India, 2002
Author: Vasant Moon
Summary: A Report on the Aftermath
Peoples Union for Democratic
Rights Delhi
November 1992
Author: Peoples Union for Democratic Rights Delhi
Summary: Constructing Reality From Everyday Talk

Listening to Culture explores the rich world of everyday talk―in families, with children, between friends, at the work place―and shows the significance of this social activity in the understanding of culture.

Author: Nandita Chaudhary
Summary: India with its extraordinary diversity is home to a very large number of languages, some very ancient, widespread and even international, others limited in area and numbers, but all part of the mosaic of Indian nationhood.
Author: Sumi Krishna
Summary: Shama Futehally, Githa Hariharan, Ranjan De PDF DOWNLOAD

Author: Githa Hariharan
Summary: The first edition of Human Rights: Questions and Answers, was published by UNESCO in 1981 and translated into many languages. It was then substantially redrafted and updated by taking into account recent developments in the field of human rights.
Author: Leah Levin
Summary: Physicians for Human Rights (U.S.)
Physicians for Human Rights,
1991 - 43 pages
Language - English
Author: Physicians for Human Rights (U.S.)