War and Peace

Published on: July 1, 1999
As would be evident from many of the opinions expressed through the Viewers’ Forum opened up by Pakistan’s ‘Jang’ group of newspapers on its website, there are enough Pakistanis who would fit into the stereo-type of the ‘jihadi’ Muslim. But equally well, there is no dearth of sober voices. We reproduce below a few samples of both.


‘Mujahideen are fighting with Jazba-e-imaani’

Indian air strikes on freedom fighters are showing world that Kashmiri Muslims and India can not be together any more. I think this is the last stage of this guerrilla war and I want to salute the Mujahideen who are fighting for themselves with Jazba-e-imaani (conviction of faith), and there is victory waiting for them. It is very good that Pakistani forces are on high alert, as this is going to be the last conflict in Kashmir.
— Zahid H. Syed, USA


‘Muslims the world over (including India) should live under Islamic Rule’
Muslims the world over (including India) should live under Islamic Rule. Indian Muslims who live in the illusion that it is alright to live under non-Muslim rule should re-evaluate their stance under the light of the Quran, the Sunnah and the lives of the four Righteous Caliphs. Muslims have become slaves to economic forces and the Western Paradigm - Allah only punishes those whom He judges have gone astray from the True Path. Let this also come as a warning to those greedy Pakistanis who think that they are safe from the Wrath of Allah and Insha Allah the day will soon come when only Islamic Rule and Law will govern Muslims. Allah Hu Akbar.
— Naseem Raza, ‘Azad Kashmir’ (PoK)


‘Hindus do not have brains to make bombs’
If Pakistan had not left the job undone in 1965 we would not be seeing this day. Hindu fanatics have never accepted Pakistan and there is no way they will ever live like a peaceful neighbour. Pakistan should therefore strike India with full force and capacity and destroy their imported nuclear structure and teach them a lesson which they cannot forget for centuries. Responding to one of the opinions, Hindus do not have brains to make bombs that is the reason they have got a Muslim doing it for them. If this is not enough explanation, pick up some history books and find out our capabilities. Anyhow Pakistan should and can only get out of this mess if they follow the slogan of Tipu "It is better to live a day like a lion than a thousand days like a jackal".
— Nasim Malik, Scotland

‘Hindus must be punished for their actions’
We know the Hindu nation very well as we once lived together with them before Pakistan and now after we are Pakistanis. Hindus must be punished for their actions. Neither Europe nor America can stop them from their foolish thoughts; only the Muslim nation can teach them a lesson.
Sajid Rashid, Pakistan


‘Pakistan has more than 13 crore Mujahids’
I want to ask those Indians who are saying that Indian forces are so great and powerful, that if they are so powerful why have they been so unsuccessful for the last 11 years to stop the freedom fighters? Remember these freedom fighters broke your father Russia. Can you count its pieces these days? India can’t control hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir. Do you think you guys have the guts to control the whole of Pakistan which has more than 13 crore Mujahids? Indians feel pride in saying that they are the biggest democracy in the world. If that is true, give the Kashmiris the right to choose where they want to live; if they choose India we will not even spit on it.
— Shahzad, Pakistan


‘It’s a war against evil’
It’s a war against evil. We’re proud that we’re fighting against evil. We’re not afraid of the consequences. We are doing our jobs. And we will get our reward from God.
— Basharat Ali, USA


‘We desire to be killed in a jihad
India is not interested in implementing the UN resolution that it signed, and had first called for. India is not interested in an honourable peace. Muslims are commanded by Allah to do jihad if an honourable treaty cannot be achieved. And Muslims are like one body, when one part hurts the whole body hurts. We all remember the Babri Masjid that Hindu fanatics destroyed in India, and the Indian (Congress) government looked on and did nothing; nor has any successive government made any amends for that or arrested any culprits.

And the Indian police and civilians brutally beat Muslims in India when they protested that heinous act. In fact they arrested thousands of Muslims who wanted to make a civil protest, in India, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Babri Mosque. We all know that the Indian government has killed, raped and tortured thousands of Kashmiri Muslims since they first started demanding that the UN resolution regarding holding of plebiscite in Kashmir be held. Indians, wake up.

You cannot rule anyone who refuses to be ruled. And Muslims believe, as is written in the Quran, that Paradise is under the shadow of the sword. We are not afraid to die; in fact we desire to be killed in Jihad. What about you?
— Asif Patel, Canada

Archived from Communalism Combat, July 1999, Year 6  No. 51, Cover Story 5