Unmasking the Media With Bhasha Singh: India's Hate Factory is Killing Innocents

Written by Newsclick | Published on: July 7, 2018

With prime-time debates doubling up as media trials, who is looking at the blood-thirsty mob, ready to take lives at the drop of the hat?

With new tags like 'Urban Maoists' being coined by the media every day, in this episode, Bhasha Singh talks about on how prime-time debates are busy defaming journalists, human rights activists and authors, leaders, holding media trials and using abusive language. Language filled with hatred and violence are being constantly used and the media has wholeheartedly given its consent to this violence which is visible from its online spaces like Twitter and WhatsApp. Bhasha Singh also focusses on how mob lynchings and killing of innocents, based simply on rumour mills, have become the new normal in the country. How fast are we adapting ourselves with the blood-thirsty mob mentality, which is all about taking lives without any investigation or any human conscience?

Courtesy:  Newsclick.in