Seminar in BHU criticises BJP and RSS for destroying the image of Bahujan heroes

Written by Two Circles | Published on: October 11, 2017
“RSS and its political organisation Bharatiya Janata Party are destroying the images of heroes of Bahujan movement. They are using Universities and the institutes as their tool for doing this. And the worst thing is that various ‘power-loving’ Bahujans are helping these groups,” said Moolchand Sonkar, a Bahujan intellectual and writer while addressing a seminar organised on the death anniversary of Kanshi Ram, on October 8, in Banaras Hindu University.


The seminar, conducted at the KN Uduppa Auditorium of the University focused on the directions and conditions of the Bahujan society and was organised by the SC-ST Students Committee of the University.

Sonkar said, “The BJP is scared of the Bahujan movement.” He alleged that BJP is not letting the ideas and literature of the Bahujan heroes reach the public, and instead the party is using its power to spread wrong information about the Bahujan leaders in the university and the institutes of the country.

“In such a scenario, it is necessary that students should read the actual writing of Bahujan ideologues and leaders. Their ideas will help in defeating the communal and feudalist forces,” said Sonkar, while appealing the listeners to read non-conventional and alternative publications more and more.

Ex-member of the legislative council of UP and special guest at the event Shivbodh Ram talked about the role of OBCs and said, “Some of them oppose us because they do not know many things about us, but the really strange people are the ones who oppose us even after they know everything about us.”

Prof MP Ahirwar, a faculty at BHU and the main speak at the seminar talked about how Kanshi Ram took forward the Bahujan movement started out by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. He said, “Kanshi Ram took forward the Bahujan movement and ideas led by Jyotiba Phule, Chhatrapati Shahu, and Ambedkar. Kanshi Ram consolidated the Bahujans who were scattered in many parts and changed the course of the Indian politics.

“It is Kanshi Ram’s effect that none can talk about winning elections without the votes of Dalits and Bahujans,” he added.

In his presidential note, Prof Lal Chand talked about the representation of Dalits and Bahujans in institutions.

Pramod Kumar Bangade, Amar Nath Paswan, DK Ojha, Sandeep Gautam, Kumari Anita, Ravindra Prakash Bhartiya, Ajay Kumar, Naresh Ram, and several others put forward their views during the seminar. Pratima Gond, Dhiraj Verma, GP Choudhary, Pratibha Gautam, Varun Kumar Bhaskar, Bacche Lal, Manish Kumar Bhartiya, Dhananjay Bharti, Dheeraj Bharti and several others were present too from the faculty.

Courtesy: Two Circles