Muslim Cleric Attacked In Train for Being a Muslim: Bihar

Written by Sabrangindia Staff | Published on: July 17, 2017
Another public lynching. Making a mockery of prime minister Naranedra Modi's words. A young Imam travelling in a train from Gaya has been attacked and pushed out of the compartment.

Bihar Cleric attacked

He adds, “There were four to five women sitting there who took mercy on me and requested them to leave me alone. They left me but then some passengers started shouting, ‘take his mobile’, ‘tear his clothes.’  I kept quiet and did not utter a single word. Had I said something my fate would have been worse than Junaid. There was only a small group that had attacked Junaid, but here where I was, the whole train would have lynched me. Everyone was shouting, ‘A Muslim has no right to sit on a seat. Get him out of here. The speed of the train was very slow at that time. They threw out my luggage and pushed me out from the emergency exit. I then somehow managed to go down two compartments ahead hanging on the window.”Gulzar Ahmad, originally from Bhagalpur, is an Imam in a mosque in Gaya. Yesterday he took a train to Bhagalpur. “When I boarded the train the compartment was quite empty. As more passengers arrived it started becoming crowded. About  an hour later after departure a young man came  to me and looked at me and abruptly pulled me by my collar with such a force that I fell down. As I fell others started shouting, ‘Maro, maro’ (kill him kill him).” Gulzar says.