Missing JNU student's mother dragged away by cops even as court slams CBI for shoddy investigation

Published on: October 16, 2017

Fatima Ahmed,  mother of missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed, was dragged away screaming and struggling, from a protest site in Delhi today. Najeeb mysteriously went missing from his hostel room a year ago on Oct 13. His mother and friends had been demanding answers about his whereabouts ever since then. A fresh protest began on the first anniversary of his disappearance and Fatima was seen demanding answers from authorities even as the case was being heard by the Delhi High Court today. "Kahaan hai mera beta? Kaun batayega mujhe," (Where is my son? Who will tell me?) she was heard asking. Shortly after she started speaking to members of the press, a few police women arrived and dragged her into a police vehicle even as other policemen tried to keep the media and other protesters away from her.
Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court slammed the CBI for 'complete lack of interest' in tracing Najeeb Ahmed. The court expressed reservations at the CBI for making “ contradictory statements” in front of the court- against what was submitted in the status report of the case in a sealed cover. The High Court has severely reprimanded the CBI lawyer for not filing the details of Najeeb's disappearance after the assault on him, for changing its lawyer in every hearing instead of ensuring that the DIG himself attends the court proceedings, and for its very shoddy investigation."If this is the supervision of the DIG, what will happen when there is no supervision...? We direct the concerned DIG to ensure that status report is filed under his signature or at least he should read them," the court observed. 

The Court has instructed the CBI for looking into the Call data records (CDR) of the ABVP members (including whatsapp and text messages that they sent to each other), and their location on the night of the assault on Najeeb and his disappearance. The Court has also instructed CBI to no longer delay the mode of investigation via polygraph test; the CBI should file for undertaking the test today itself at Patiala House Sessions Court. The next hearing is on Nov 14.