Indian Muslim Girls Find It Tough To Get Qualified Grooms

Published on: February 5, 2019
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A widening gap in educational qualification between boys and girls is creating an imbalance in many communities, with the latter finding it difficult to get qualified grooms. It is starker in the Muslim community.

A Centre for Information and Guidance India (CIGI) study, conducted formally in three districts and informally in the rest, found many Muslim boys are inclined towards starting a business than spending years on academics.

Kozhikode Government Arts and Science College Statistics Department head Z A Ashraf, who piloted the CIGI study, told Express: “There’s a huge discrepancy. Even after getting good marks in Plus-Two, Muslim boys drop out of studies for the sake of making money, thus creating a problem.”

“Muslim girls get into premier institutions and there’re doctoral and post-doctoral scholars in science. And most of them will be overqualified for the prospective grooms.”

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