India: 150 Million Workers Are on Strike!

Published on: September 2, 2016


Today, September 2, begins one of the largest coordinated labour strikes ever in India, possibly in the world


India is touted as an emerging power due to its so called demographic dividend. It has a labour force of close to 500 million but a staggering 94% of them are in the unorganised sector with little or no labour rights, abysmal working conditions and poverty wages. Rather than address issues of concern to workers, the Modi Govt has further intensified attack on labour rights at the behest of capital.  
In response, on September 2, 2016, labour will launch one of the largest coordinated strikes ever in India, possibly in the world. Trade unions cutting across political affiliations will shut down key sectors of the Indian economy against the pro-corporate anti labour Modi Government
Newsclick spoke with trade union leaders on the reasons for the strike and their plans beyond Sep 2.