FAKE NEWS: Ravish Kumar's 'Appeal to Muslims Not to Criticise RSS' is Denied by Him

Written by SabrangIndia Staff | Published on: March 30, 2018

Sabrangindia contacted the popular news anchor, Ravish Kumar Denied Post Attributed to Him

The post was widely circulated and some web portals, newsppers even published it. The post was wrongly attributed to Ravish Kumar. Ravish Kumar has denied that he authored it. A controversial post that 'appeals to Indian Muslims' to not speak against the majoritarian saffron combine was attributed to Ravish Kumar through WhatsApp messages. Hyderabad based prestigious Siasat even published the story with a photograph of the popular anchor who's prime time show at 9 p.m. on NDTV India has acquired something of a cult following in this day and age of a subservient and pliant media. Sabrangindia sought a clarification from Ravish Kumar by email. He has denied authorship of the same.

Reply by Ravisj Kumar to Sabrangindia:

"नहीं। मेरा लिखा हुआ नहीं है। मैंने फेसबुक पर भी लिखा है।"

The tone and tenor of the post is condescending to say the least. Following recent debates by begun by activists Harsh Mandar, historian Ram Guha and others, the tone and tenor of the post that denies Indian Muslims any agency is the latest example of advice being doled out to India's largest minority!!

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Here is one more example of Fake News:

Brave and Honest Journalist 'Ravish Kumar' Emotional Appeal to Muslims
suryaa29 Mar. 2018 11:17

Ravish Kumar is an Indian one of the honest and brave TV anchor, writer and journalist who covers topics pertaining to Indian politics and society.
New Delhi: Recently noted TV anchor Ravish Kumar made an emotional appeal to Muslims during a programme. Following are his golden words.
1.Stop criticizing BJP and RSS.
2.Your opposition is their strength. Anyway except for Jammu and Kashmir neither you have to become chief minister anywhere nor the prime minister.
3.Those who have to grab ‘the chair’ they themselves will contest with BJP & RSS. Only because of your opposition BJP is creating fear of 18 pc Muslims among Hindus and is succeeding in getting votes of 80 pc Hindus. The director of the entire play is in fact just 3 pc.
4.Give vote in favour of whatever party you like, but don’t ever oppose BJP, RSS or Modi.
5.Forget that there is any organisation called RSS.
6.Forget that there is any party called BJP.
7.Forget that there is any leader called Modi
8.If you continue what you have been doing you will be politically made untouchables in few years. Then neither Congress will value you nor JP, SP or BSP.
9.The MIM or Owaisi you are blindly favouring will be allowed to contest as far as BJP is benefiting from them. The day when BJP will feel that their contesting is doing harm to it, from that day MIM will be banned as it was done during the first 30 to 40 years. You just focus on modern technology and education, secure marks through which you can get government jobs without reservation.
10.Before independence, the population of Muslims was 35 pc and they had occupied 35 pc government jobs. There was no reservation system at that time. Those who had reached the place did so on their own ability. Those who give zakat and sadaqah to religious institutions should also give them to institutions working for your education and employment. If there are no such institutions, establish them.
11.Remember! This is a competitive era and you are lagging behind in every field. Don’t rely on government aid, do whatever you want on your own.
God will do the rest!