18 months on, Dr. Kafeel Khan still suspended from service

Written by SabrangIndia | Published on: March 15, 2019

He has urged Twitter users to use the hashtag #RevokeDrKafeel and use links of the #BRDOXYGENTRAGEDY in their tweets and urge the government to revoke his suspension.

Dr kafeel Khan
A Twitter campaign to revoke Dr. Kafeel Khan’s suspension order was announced on March 15. “It's been 18 months and I am still suspended. Even though the High Court has given me a clean chit, the Yogi government is neither revoking my suspension nor letting me serve,” he said announcing the campaign, adding that he was being punished for a crime he didn’t commit and he needed public support.
He has urged Twitter users to use the hashtag #RevokeDrKafeel and use links of the #BRDOXYGENTRAGEDY in their tweets and urge the government to revoke his suspension. “Please help me to raise my voice. I just tried to save innocent kids,” he said.

In December 2018, talking straight from the Gorakhpur criminal court, Dr. Kafeel Khan said that things have not changed much in the last one and a half years. “What should have been finished in 90 days since the Supreme Court order, is still going on one and a half years later. No enquiry has begun,” he said through a Facebook live video from his profile.

He added that he has to visit the court every 14 days just to sign some documents. Every other week he has to shuttle between Allahabad and Lucknow to appear either keep tabs on the probe initiated over his brother’s attack or for his job. “They are neither revoking my suspension nor letting me serve,” he said.
“Whatever the authorities are doing, I urge them to come to a decision. Either let me go or let me serve. People who have no role in the tragedy are being hounded, put in jails for a year and are left with no jobs. They have families and small children and everyone needs to earn their daily bread. I just have a message for the authorities and the government that you can intimidate us as much as you want, we will rise with a new spirit every day and we are not afraid of you,” Dr. Khan said in the video.
He even requested UP CM Yogi Adityanath to expedite the enquiry through a letter on Tuesday. He urged him to request the authorities to come to a solution sooner.
In September, suspended paediatrician of BRD Medical College Hospital Dr. Kafeel Khan was arrested by Bahraich police for allegedly creating nuisance at the district hospital and later granted bail. A day after he was granted bail, Gorakhpur police arrested him and his brother for allegedly opening a bank account in a nationalised bank using fake documents.
He was arrested in September last year following deaths of around 30 children in August at the BRD Medical College. The kids had allegedly died of disruption in the oxygen supply in August 2017. In April this year, Khan got bail in the case but has been mired in different conspiracies along with a vicious attack on his brother ever since he decided to take on the authorities.
Dr. Kafeel Khan, the head of the encephalitis ward in the hospital, managed to save many lives and the parents in the hospital said that had it not been for his work, the number of deaths could have been higher.
However, this did not make Kafeel Khan a hero in the eyes of the administration. Khan was booked for criminal conspiracy, attempt to commit culpable homicide and criminal breach of trust by public servant, among others. The police filed the chargesheet in November 2017.
Lodged in a Gorakhpur jail since September 2, 2017, Dr Kafeel Khan in his letter alleged that he and others are being made “scapegoats” for an “administrative failure” at a higher level.
In one of the most extensive interviews, Dr. Kafeel Khan spoke to Human Rights activist Teesta Setalvad on the chilling accounts of what happened during the tragic 48 hours in August 2017. Dr. Khan was hailed as a hero initially and in a day’s time, he was haunted as the most wanted. Even though the public got to know that it was the lack of oxygen which caused the deaths of children, we do not know everything that happened in-between.
Dr. Kafeel Khan dismissed point by point, all propaganda to the contrary. He also went on to describe how Yogi warned him and how he had to pay a heavy price for doing his duty. In one of the most chilling disclosures, Dr. Khan sought everyone’s attention to what happened in the other departments of the hospital on the same days. The liquid oxygen had run out of supply to all the other departments as well, but nobody talked about it.

"I am a doctor; curing kids is my passion," Dr. Kafeel Khan said in this interview. He discussed what his plans are and what might happen if his suspension is not revoked.


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