UP’s CM, a Rajput, chooses to forget that Aurangzeb’s Rule was also Rajput Raj

Written by Shamsul Islam | Published on: March 12, 2018
The present Rajput CM of UP, Mahant Adityanath, while campaigning in support of the BJP candidate at Gorakhpur (where elections for a Parliamentary seat were held on March 11, 2018) warned the Hindu electorate that if the candidate of Samajwadi Party Praveen Kumar Nishad (supported by BSP) won that would be the beginning of Aurangzeb rule.

Yogi Adityanath

He did not clarify whether in Gorakhpur or UP or all of India.

He did not tell the Hindu voters of the constituency few significant facts about Mughal rule which the RSS/BJP gang describes as ‘Muslim rule’. This Rajput Hindutva icon kept under wrap the fact that Mughal rule, especially Aurangzeb’s rule was not rule by Aurangzeb alone but of Rajputs too.

Aurangzeb’s commander-in-chief was the Rajpur ruler of Amer (Rajasthan), Jay Singh II. He was conferred title of ‘Sawai’ (chief) and came to be known as Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. He was also given the title of Mirza Raja by Aurangzeb. The other titles bestowed on him were ‘Saramad-i-Rajaha-i-Hind’, ‘Raj Rajeshvar’ and ‘Shri Shantanu Ji. These titles are displayed by his descendants even today. ‘

This Rajput chief also gave his daughter in marriage to the son of Aurangzeb who became Mughal emperor after Aurangzeb. As to how Jay Singh II worked as a stooge of Aurangzeb, Rajput Adityanath, CM of UP, must read the letter which of Shivaji Maharaj wrote to Jay Singh condemning his subservience to Aurangzeb. A part of it read:

“I have heard that thou hast come to make battle upon me and to subjugate the Deccan. Thou desirest in this world to make thy face glow with blood drawn from the hearts and eyes of Hindus. But thou knowest not that thy face is painted in black, because owing to it, this country and religion are in danger... thou has in fact come to conquer at the instance of Aurangzib and under the instigation of those who desire to destroy the Hindus” [text as per the original translation].

The Hindutva zealots must know that Mughal rule survived due to Hindu high castes joining the Mughal ‘Muslim’ rulers in running their empire. How solid this unity was can be gauged by the fact that after Humayun no Mughal emperor was born of a Muslim mother. The Hindu high castes provided brain and muscles to the Mughal rulers continuously. Thus, Mughal rule was the rule of Hindu high castes too.