Pirates of the Realm (Poem)

Pirates of the Realm

By Badri Raina 
Never was a more truthful thing
Writ than “those that have
Shall get”; thus when pirate
Is let loot the realm and best
“Investigating agencies”, this
Is done in the “national interest.”
Just as recoveries of pittance
Made from farmer on edge
Of despair are also made
In the very same “national interest”.
If the laboring hordes who
Make our wealth are not
Squeezed. How may the nation
To fat men be leased?
Good governance cannot mean
Justice to all; it means how to
Use that slogan to rob
Peter to pay Paul. Promises
Made help us beguile the nation;
But droppings from the pirate
Alone can win us election.
Thus if our banks will not go
Slack on fat men’s natural
Excess, how may we press
Them to pay us back when
“National interest” demands
That, however hoi polloi suffer,
We return to the seat of power?
Thus. O dashing man with
Moon-sized earrings. Go thou
From place to place, and
Perfidy to perfidy,  the caged
Parrot is here to take hint,
And all your troubles oversee.
Of late, the Constitution has
Been much in debate: it is time
We understood that the state
Is not for the people but that
The people are for the state.
And that the state must always be
At hand for fat man and pirate.
Fat men are by merit made,
The hoi polloi merely by fate.