NAPM and others extend support to Century Textiles workers

Various people’s organisations from across 13 states, including National Alliance of People’s Movements extended their support to the struggle led by 1500 workers and staff of Centuray Yarn/Denim at village Santrati on the Mumbai-Agra national highway, in Madhya Pradesh.

Earlier, the workers of Century Textiles and Industries Ltd.’s yarn denim unit went on strike in August 2017 protesting the sale of Century Textiles to Wearit Global Ltd. The workers alleged that the sale was illegal and that the Industries Tribunal has passed order confirming the same. The workers had demanded that the decision be taken back or they be entitled to VRS as they were not willing to work for the new company. The workers were consulted before the transfer took place and had no stake in whether to work for the new company. They were concerned about the security of employment of poor workers.

Because of this, the Industrial Tribunal also upheld the Satyagraha of workers. Despite orders by Labour Commissioner and M.P., the workers had not been paid since four months! However the workers continued the struggle along with their families.

Both the corporate houses filed petitions in the High Court of M.P. Till February 7, the Division Bench of HC had not heard the case and reserved the judgement. Till today the judgement has not been passed. The workers continue to fight with support from unions as well as Narmada Bachao Andolan. The statement issued by the NAPM said, “We warn the M.P. Govt. and the corporates that if justice is denied, NAPM will jump in and intensify the struggle for justice.”