Aadhar Pot Boils: The ‘Lies’ in the GOI Affidavit Presented to the SC in June 2017

Harshit Yogesh Shaah

1. The affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court on 6th June 2017 reflects the govt’s open contempt for the Court.
2. It consists almost entirely of deliberate lies and misrepresentations, many of which have been addressed in the petitioner’s rejoinder.
3. One extraordinary set of claims which have not been directly rebutted are the following  (p 26-27):
4. These statements are categorically false. The govt’s *own documents* show that ‘linking different databases’
5. Using Aadhaar is *precisely* what it is attempting to do at national level through the Servam program
6. This activity is also taking place at a state level through the creation of State Resident Data Hubs (SRDH) and related infrastructure.
7. One of the most advanced examples of this activity is Andhra Pradesh’s People Hub (SRDH+).
8. The explicit purpose of this scheme, according to a presentation by J. Satyanarayana on 22nd July 2016?
9. Using Aadhaar to obtain ‘a 360 degree view of citizens’
10. When, in response to a claim by UIDAI CEO A.B. Pandey that Aadhaar *does not* allow a 360 degree view of citizens
11. (a claim repeated by the UIDAI's CEO in a subsequent @indiaexpress article)
12. It was pointed out that this was the *precise* purpose of the People Hub program, the UIDAI suggested
13. (through an anonymous account linked to the Sudham initiative) that there was no proof this project existed as described.
14. Except the UIDAI not only knew that this database-linking was already taking place, but *regarded it as an example of best practice*.
15. How do we know this? Because *the same affidavit* denying the ability to link databases *annexes a news article telling us so*  (p134).

So are these facts going to be presented in the court?

16. And who was appointed chairman of the UIDAI on 8th September 2016? J. Satyanarayana.