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manual Scavenger
27 May 2017
The BJP came to power with the slogan of ‘Sab ka sath Sab ka vikas’ but the continuing assalt on civil and political rights of Dalits has been a betrayal of the slogan   The Modi government has completed three years at the...
27 May 2017
"The Gujarat government has failed protect Dalits after the Una incident and as a result incidents of atrocities on Dalits are going up." In a blow to both the Gujarat and Modi governments, Sunil Jadav, Dalit author and journalist,...
Internal displacement
27 May 2017
Violent clashes displaced 4.48 lakh in India; communal, caste conflicts led to "smaller" displacement: Norway report   Estimating that a huge 4.48 lakh people were displaced in India due to internal conflicts and violence...
27 May 2017
With the Green Tribunal ordering the closure of Surat's polluting solid waste site, activists seek removal of Ahmedabad site Air pollution caused by surat site In a significant ruling, not just for Surat but also for Ahmedabad, the...
Adolf Hitler
27 May 2017
The RSS agenda of Hindu Rashtra draws heavily on the superiority of Aryan race and greatness of Brahmanical values. The ideology constructed by this organisation tells us that Aryans are the superior race. The whole foundation of the concept of...