Demonetisation Decoded: A Critique of India’s Currency Experiment By Jayati Ghosh, C. P. Chandrasekhar and Prabhat Patnaik


sitaram yechury
25 Mar 2017
Demanding transparency and accountability from the government post de-monetization, the CPI(M) attacked the NDA government for not making public the data on the amount of junked currency deposited in banks post note ban.   Taking on...
Fali Nariman
25 Mar 2017
Eminent constitutional expert Fali Nariman has said that the appointment of Yogi Adityanath as Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister was a beginning of a Hindu State in India.   Photo: Off The Cuff programme   Speaking to journalist...
modi yogi
25 Mar 2017
The newly appointed Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will be making his maiden visit to Gorakhpur today. There has been much political speculation over the choice of a hard-line, supremacist seer to a constitutional post; whether it was...
shirish kunder
25 Mar 2017
Fear and Intimidation often work in silencing dissent. Days after his comments on Twitter against Adityanath, newly installed CM of UP drew attention and then an FIR, filmmaker Shirish Kunder has apologised on social media. The  FIR was...
social media
25 Mar 2017
US president Donald Trump, who gets on Twitter the moment he wakes up, may be social media’s most prominent politician user, but he is hardly the only one. For the past two decades, world leaders have leveraged the power of the internet to...