During the recently concluded hearings on privacy in the Supreme Court, the government made tall claims about Aadhaar ensuring food security for millions of people. The Prime Minister in February 2017, in Parliament, stated that the use of Aadhaar and technology had helped weed out 3.95 crore bogus ration cards. However, experience on the ground and information accessed under the RTI Act shows that such claims are not backed by evidence.


Wolf Blitzer
19 Aug 2017
For a long time, liberalism and Zionism have gotten along fine in America– just look at the Democratic Party and its love for Israel. But Charlottesville represents a crisis for liberal Zionists. When they condemn white nationalism in the U.S. and...
Spain Terror Attack
19 Aug 2017
Despite its (relatively) low body count and primitive execution, Thursday’s terrorist attack in Barcelona shocked many local and international onlookers. The Islamic State (IS) group was quick to claim responsibility for the attack, in which a van...
p sainath
19 Aug 2017
The harrowing issues of 75% of the population rarely end up making the headlines in our mainstream media. The Media, which is often regarded as the fourth pillar of the democracy, is today, completely devoid of a labour correspondent or an...
Rakesh Sinha
19 Aug 2017
I often find myself in a bind over whether or not to respond to supposed RSS ideologues, given that they simply trade in lies and hatred with the supreme arrogance of ignorance. One such is the upcoming star on the RSS horizon, a gentleman called...
Mother India
19 Aug 2017
In actual fact, Bankim's Vande Mataram originally referred to Banga Mata not Bharat Mata says Dubara Bose, Netaji's grand nephew in his new book A recent release by Sugata Bose, presently Trinamool Congress MP and grand nephew of Netaji...