As part of HLRN's campaign against forced evictions and for the realization of the human right to adequate housing for all, we are pleased to invite you to a screening of an inspiring film on the struggle for housing rights in South Africa. Titled 'Dear Mandela' this film documents the struggle of three young friends to save their homes.


CJI Dipak Misra
23 Apr 2018
Vice President Venkaiyah Naidu has shot down a petition to impeach the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Dipak Misra. Naidu arrived at his decision after reportedly holding detailed consultations with legal big wigs such as Attorney General KK...
Child Sexual Abuse
23 Apr 2018
The sexual assault of children will always be horrible and tragic, and, in spite of public outrage over the gang-rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Jammu, attacks on children seem to persist. On Tuesday, April 17, an eight-year-old...
23 Apr 2018
or the fourth week, on a peaceful and unilateral battlefield, thousands of angry young men went close to the border fence separating Gaza and Israel to protest, facing dozens of Israeli soldiers who lay positioned behind sandy hills. But neither...
23 Apr 2018
The unusual triple alliance coming out of Syria could change the regional balance of power and unhinge NATO — if it holds together at all. opeth91 / Shutterstock An unusual triple alliance is emerging from the Syrian war — one that could...
23 Apr 2018
The fight against the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Narendra Modi-led government and the larger struggle against the communal and fascistic forces of Hindutva was one of the key issues in the resolution.   In an exemplary display of...